The Biggest News from Ebo Quansah’s March 9th 2021 Presentation

We had a special guest last March 9th for our Access with SQL Server group and while the video is still not yet ready, here’s some of the biggest announcements made by Ebo Quansah:

The Microsoft Access Team’s Priorities for 2021

Some things coming soon

We are finally getting a modern web browser control

Getting Access to Recognize More Memory

If you’ve seen error messages on lack of memory, help is on the way!

SQL Monaco Editor!

Finally getting an amazing editor, no longer need to cut from Access, work on the SQL in a third-party tool and then paste it back into the query window. Plus IntelliSense! Gonna love the ability to type ThisTable.SomeField in the editor!

The roadmap is cloud heavy

Integration with Dataverse

Access is NOT going away

More things coming down the pike

Access 2022 is coming!

I don’t have a slide for it but Ebo made a major announcement: The perpetual version of Access will be getting a new Access 2022 version next year.

In short, it was a great meeting and I encourage you to listen to the recording once it becomes available.

New chapter starting on April 1st: Access Pacific Time

Join former Access MVP George Hepworth as he starts a new chapter at, Access Pacific! Learn more and register here:

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