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We have reached 200 videos since we started this organization!

100th video on AUGOur objective is the same today as it was then: bring together groups of people who wish to learn more about Access or share their knowledge with others. Before I started this organization, I would travel the USA speaking at user groups and SQLSaturdays.com events, but there was no formal organization to bring users together online, it has been a labor of love to organize, find volunteers and topics month after month to bring together people from around the globe.

Since 2014 we gathered an impressive collection of videos on AUG Youtube channel.

We are still growing and would love to start new chapters!

We don’t have any groups beyond English and Spanish, if you’re interested in starting a group, please reach out and let us know.

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We are constantly looking for great speakers at our groups, if you’re interested in speaking at one of our groups please reach out to any of our chapters, we LOVE new speakers!

Juan Soto
Co-Founder, AccessUserGroups.org


Our purpose is to foster and support virtual Microsoft Access User Group chapters throughout the world, from beginning user groups to advanced topics such as SQL Server. Chapters can be organized around a language, such as Spanish, a region, such as Europe or a topic of interest, such as Access functions.

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Here is our last video for the Access with SQL Server chapter! To learn more click here to visit the chapter’s site.

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