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Coming to you from the west coast of the U.S., Access Pacific provides a late day forum for Access users locally and around the world.

We hold FREE Q&A webinars the First Thursday of every month, from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm Pacific (PDT is UTC-7, PST is UTC-8).

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About the Pacific Access User Group

Our intent is to provide resources and information for:

  1. Everyday Access Users:  People who want to to make Access a more effective tool for their daily work
  2. Access Knowledge Experts/Internal Developers: Power Users tasked with internal development for their department or team
  3. IT Support:  Those from the technology department helping users obtain and use the tools they need while making sure their data is secure and protected
  4. Access Consultants and Developers:  Professional Access developers who provide Access database consulting and software solutions to clients
  5. Access Trainers/Speakers:  People who teach Access relational database application design and help others users take their Access skills to the next level

Our philosophy is that everyone has something to contribute to the Access community. Everyone is welcome, and encouraged, to share what you know.

We usually schedule an expert speaker to discuss a topic relevant to Access developers. We try to keep presentations to roughly the first 45 minutes of the session and then use the remaining 15 minutes to share ideas, answer questions, and solicit topics for upcoming sessions.

The leader of this group is George Hepworth, retired Principle of Grover Park Consulting and former MS MVP for Access.

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