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May presentation database available

May’s presentation by Tom van Stiphout was very interesting indeed and he was gracious enough to provide us the database Northwind_StartingPoint he demoed with the renaming code in it.  Thanks Tom, great job!  

January presentation PDF available

January’s presentation by Karl Donaubauer was jammed packed with information and useful links on Access and Power Apps.  It is with great pleasure that I am providing a link to the slide deck! Thank you so much, Karl for a great presentation.

November presentation PDF available

Here is the Access-versus-Power-Apps pdf from today’s meeting! Also a couple of additions/corrections/clarifications.  Thank you to Karl Donaubauer and several others from today’s meeting that provide additional supporting information. Regarding licensing for Power Apps: – Standard connectors are covered by most M365/O365 licenses – Premium connectors like SQL or CDS (now Data verse) require per app… Read More »

September presentation PDF available

Here is the 2020-09-29 Access Shortcut Tool pdf from today’s meeting! Many thanks to Dale Fye for today’s excellent presentation.  I am excited to try his Shortcut Tool!

August presentation follow up notes from Crystal

Here is the error message that popped up during the presentation trying to run the ListHotKeys add-in, which installed just fine. When the message says “bad state”, I get the idea it is about a bad name – and it was! That is why I replaced the Value in USysRegEdt for the library file name.… Read More »

March presentation PDF available

Here is the pdf from today’s meeting!  Also – clarity on the ZoomBox improvements – besides remembering the FONT selected, you can also resize the whole box, and it will remember what size you select for that…

January Presentation Databases Available – Themes in Access

Peter has generously shared a zip file – webinar28Jan20– that contains 2 databases which provide more detail from his presentation that he thinks will be useful. The db CodeForNormal.accdb has been updated with a form that details how to view tint and shade values. It has code for creating normal form to trigger reuse of… Read More »