November presentation PDF available

Here is the Access-versus-Power-Apps pdf from today’s meeting!

Also a couple of additions/corrections/clarifications.  Thank you to Karl Donaubauer and several others from today’s meeting that provide additional supporting information.

Regarding licensing for Power Apps:
– Standard connectors are covered by most M365/O365 licenses
– Premium connectors like SQL or CDS (now Data verse) require per app or per user licenses
– Power Apps inside Teams has access to a specific form of Data verse or standard connectors. SQL or full Dataverse still requires premium

More details (this link is directly from Karl) on how to connect to local data sources from Power Apps:

You can connect local data sources to PowerApps (PA) by using the on-premises data gateway:

Hope you enjoyed today’s presentation.  Feel free to use the attached PDF for your reference.  Make sure to ready the clarification above regarding licensing.

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