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Our group is focused on helping users, IT pros, developers or new users have a place to meet, share ideas and get questions answered. The president of this group is Maria Barnes of Barnes Business Solutions, Inc.


We have a meeting on the last Tuesday of the month, from 12 noon CST.

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Our presenter is Colin Riddington, the owner of Mendip Data Systems, which distributes Access applications to schools, businesses, developers and individual users.

All developers will be aware that forms designed for a specific screen size/resolution may look dreadful on a different monitor with a higher/lower resolution and/or screen size or shape (4:3, 16:9 or widescreen)

Some developers deal with this issue by using layout guides to group several controls together with anchoring to adjust the position/size if controls on the screen. The results can be quite successful for simple form layouts. However, that isn’t necessarily the case for more complex form designs as developers do not have full control over positioning and size of each control on the form.

Automatic form resizing (AFR) code is designed to fix all such issues. Forms and their controls can be automatically resized and repositioned for any screen size & resolution whilst allowing developers full control over the form layout and appearance

This session will be used to explain how the automatic form resizing code works and provide tips for using the code most effectively in your own applications. It will also cover some potential issues you may experience and possible solutions for each of these.

In addition, the session will explain how to add a zoom feature to Access forms

For more info, see Automatic Form Resizing – Mendip Data Systems



The Access Lunchtime Group Welcomes all to our Meetings – Please Join Us! 


We hold FREE Q&A webinars the last Tuesday of every month, from 12 noon CST.  Please join us!  View the Events Calendar here!

We see this group including 5 types of Access user …

  1. Everyday Access User: People that use Access in their daily work and want to get more out of Access
  2. Access Knowledge Experts/Internal Developers:  Folks that are power users within their department or team and do much of the internal development
  3. IT Support: Those from the technology dept helping their users have the tools they need while making sure their data is secure & protected
  4. Access Consultants and Developers: Those which provide Access database consulting and software solutions to clients
  5. Access Trainers/Speakers: People that teach Access proper design & help users take their Access skills to the next level

Our group’s approach is to give each other a hand up, by sharing our knowledge.

This informal group meets once per month, with a main topic and some time for a Q&A discussion.

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