October Presentation PDF Available: Modern Charts

Attached is the PDF from the October meeting for your reference.  If you attended the meeting or are reviewing this after viewing the video, notice that I removed the reference on the second slide to the Properties(“LabelName”).  I was confused, the Access team enabled the entire object model for the new ChartObject from code.  So you should be able to get to each of the properties (of which LabelName is NOT one) programmatically.  There are a few other properties for other control types, however that are new.  LabelName for a TextBox control is one of them.  In order to preserve as much backward compatibility as possible, the Access team opted NOT to update the object model for the TextBox control.  The result is that you cannot set this relatively new property natively from code as you would expect.  So Me.TextBoxName.LabelName does not compile.  However you can set Me.TextBoxName.Properties(“LabelName”).  I hope this clears up any confusion I introduced into the webinar!


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