March presentation – follow up notes from our Q & A session

To answer Gorgio’s question on the video for how to upgrade Access application to use a SQL Server backend at 26:46:

I was trying to demonstrate how the SQL Server migration assistant would add a new database to SQL server from Access.  While I was testing prior to the presentation, I ran the migration assistant and created both of the databases for practice.  I had removed one of them (the contacts database) but I had forgotten to remove the time and billing database.  I did so live so that I could then demo the creation of it using the migration assistant.  My apologies for the confusion!


To answer Phil’s question regarding using a filter on a form with something like a LastName which contains an apostrophe:

Once I got the syntax right on the form sample I was working up, the 2 single quotes worked fine.  I questioned Phil about it, and he and Cindy had since worked together and determined the problem was actually caused by the type of quote mark he was using in the filter. He was not aware there were different versions of the single quote and is now looking at using the ascii code for single quotes to clear this up.  Here is a link Getting Past Doh More Than One Quote VBA to a write up Phil was kind enough to do on the topic and quote differences.

Good catch to both of you!  I definitely HAVE run into the different quotes issue before – not in Access but in SQL.  Depending on what type of editor you are using, some use one type of quote and some the other.  Frustrating I know.  Good things to watch out for!


Thanks again to everyone for joining us today!  The video should be posted in a couple of days and I will create another blog post and a facebook entry when George is able to provide more path migration information for the Access Web Apps retirement.



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