January Presentation Databases Available – Themes in Access

Peter has generously shared a zip file – webinar28Jan20– that contains 2 databases which provide more detail from his presentation that he thinks will be useful.

The db CodeForNormal.accdb has been updated with a form that details how to view tint and shade values. It has code for creating normal form to trigger reuse of your selected theme in new forms.

The SampleForm.accdb provides the theme color form and also how to add the theme gallery to the qat.

Also, here is a link to a web accessibility guideline: https://www.w3.org/WAI/standards-guidelines/wcag/ that may provide some general accessibility in respect to color contrasts.

One thought on “January Presentation Databases Available – Themes in Access

  1. Hi
    The free TMDThemeMaker as demonstrated is now available for download at ThemeMyDatabase.co.uk

    If you have a 2 screen system the best way to use it is to open ThemeMaker on one screen and your database on the other.
    Create a new theme then in your database change the theme in the gallery and see the result!

    ThemeMaker stores the name of the fonts used in the theme name so it is easy to select an appropriate theme.

    The add-in is fully functional for applying a default 2013 using 4 clicks but the full functionality is still being finalized.

    Peter Cole

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