Followup from our April presentation – How to Link 2 SharePoint lists

Thank you Andy for the very informative presentation!  One of the questions following our presentation was how to link 2 SharePoint lists together so that perhaps you could enforce referential integrity.  After the presentation, Andy was kind enough to locate the following information to further address this question.

Do the following:

Site actions -> Site Settings -> Site Columns

From there click “Create”

You can now decide what type of column to create. In this case, click “Lookup (information already on this site”. Further down, under the option “Get Information From” select the list you wish to pull the info. From there you can select the main piece of information and the subsequent related information you wish to display.

Once you create this column, go to the list in which you want to insert the column, click “List Setting” then “Add existing column”. I save my custom columns in the group “Custom Columns”. Click the newly created column, and insert it into your list. It will populate with the different pieces of information you’re pulling.

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