SQL Server Text Searching 7/8/14

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Introduction to Full-Text Searching in SQL Server 2012

While most line-of-business applications store character-based data, many fail to take advantage of the powerful capabilities that SQL Server’s Full-Text Search (FTS) provides.  This technology allows for smart searching in text fields, including columns used to store documents, and is available in most editions of the product.  With FTS, you can leverage built-in prefix searching, inflectional searching (where “write” and “written”, for example, are considered the same), proximity searching (searching for words or phrases at a certain distance from each other), synonym replacement with a thesaurus, and result ranking with weighted terms.  Also, for files already stored in the file system, you may use FTS in combination with the FileTable feature to quickly index all of them without having to explicitly load them into the database.

In this introduction, we will provide examples of how to configure and use FTS so that you may begin to use this technology immediately in your SQL Server applications.



Adolfo J. Socorro is a Solutions Architect at IT Impact, Inc., and a seasoned software professional experienced in the design, development, and implementation of custom-software solutions for public and private organizations.  He has been a project leader for many successful and high-impact projects, which have included mobile and web technologies, database design, data analysis, business intelligence, data warehouses, reporting, and data integration.  Dr. Socorro holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Oxford.

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