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Where is Access heading? What changes are coming?

UPDATE. This meeting’s video recording can be seen below: LIVE, next Tuesday December 13th, join Juan Soto for the LATEST in Access news from Redmond. What is going to happen with Access web apps? How does PowerApps figure in the picture? What is Microsoft flow? All your questions answered, (if it’s not under NDA!) Don’t… Read More »

The Evolution and Future of Access

What a fantastic meeting and a great turnout!  Thank you everyone for joining us and a special thank you to Luke Chung. For those of you who missed this awesome event, it was an online interview with Luke Chung from FMS Software.  Luke is a popular speaker at conferences in the US, Australia and Europe, and… Read More »


  In case you missed out on the September meeting presented by Robert Aaron, we now have the recording available.  If you enjoy watching the recordings then register with the group and you will be notified of future meetings, that way you get the chance to meet with us online and ask questions!    … Read More »

Stored Procedure, Pass Through Query or ADODB?

Here is the link for the files mentioned in Juan Soto’s presentation of September 8th! When to use SP, view or table links We hope you enjoyed the presentation and hope you can join us again next month. Please also remember that on Tuesday September 29th at 12 noon Central we will be launching Access… Read More »

Creating Dashboards in Microsoft Access

Congratulations Juan Soto on a great presentation this month!  I also want to thank everyone who joined the meeting and hope that you found the webinar informative and worthwhile. The video is now available for you to review: Here are the dashboard files: NorthwindDash Your presence helped to make this event a great success. We wish you all… Read More »

Tuesday October 14th @ 6.30pm CDT – Working with XML data efficiently

Ben Clothier, Access MVP and co-founder of the, will be presenting the meeting discussing  working with XML data with an SQL Server backend. Earlier this year Ben posted a 2 part blog on this topic and this will be an update/improved version of his blog.  Here are the links: Part 1 & Part 2 In the talk we… Read More »