Event Driven Programming with John Colby

Event Driven Programming using classes can expand the power of Access applications.

Long-time Access developer and author John Colby will demonstrate and explain using classes in your own applications.

Events are the very essence of MS Windows and every application running on it. Think about the two things that we will always have, a keyboard and a mouse, or a way to emulate those two things. As an Access programmer, one of the first things we learn is how to create an event handler. Drag a command button onto a form and then create a handler for the OnClick event for that button (a mouse event triggers that). As a result, all serious VBA programmers understand events and event handlers. What very few VBA programmers understand is how to create our own objects which can sink as well as raise events.

My discussion tonight will teach you how to do just that. By the end of the night you will understand what events really are, why you use them, and how you use them. I have written a demo program to let you see, play, touch and feel events and the code that handles them. I will demonstrate how to:

1) Create your own classes.

2) How to sink events inside of your own classes.

3) How to make your own classes raise events.

4) How to ‘wrap’ an access object such as a form, text box, combo box or list box in your own class and then extend the functionality of those objects, make them better, make them do what you want them to do.

5) How to step through the code and watch the event handling unfold.

Everything you see and use in Access are classes. We can make our own classes. Let me show you how. Nope, not the ‘Cat says meow’ kind of class, that is boring.

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We might even get an advanced look at a new book.

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