Access Pacific Monthly Meeting (Drawing an Access Report with Crystal Long)

Drawing the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements with an Access Report

You’re probably familiar with reports that use controls to contain text and other objects such as lines and boxes, but how do you create a report on a blank canvas with no controls?

Learn how to create the Periodic Table of chemical elements on an Access report where everything is drawn and written using VBA.

Use the Line Method to draw lines and rectangles, which can be filled with any color, and have any color for the border.

Use the Circle method to draw circles, ellipses, and arcs (open and closed). Like Line, any color can be used to fill closed shapes.

Use the Print method to write text. Do you want to add a shadow? Simply print the shadow text, then offset the starting coordinate and print the main text.

The Periodic Table is just one example of data that can be presented graphically. This drawing is on a whole page. Radioactive elements have a red border. Element names use a smaller size font if they’re long so they’ll fit in the space.  All information for the drawing comes from tables.

You can also draw in sections of a report.

There will be a database to download that has lots of examples you can pattern after. Using the new techniques you’ll learn, you can then create all kinds of reports that you never knew Access could do!

Crystal Long has been an MVP since 2006 and posts on several forums as ‘strive4peace’. She teaches in virtual classrooms and guides individual developers whilst they are building applications. Crystal’s website, contains free code, tools, videos, and articles. On her YouTube channel, LearnAccessByCrystal, you’ll find lots of Access videos and some about other Office topics.

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