Access Pacific

One week from tomorrow – Thursday, August 5th.

A reminder that our next Access Pacific chapter meeting is 1 week away. We meet at 6:30 PM Pacific on the first Thursday of the month.
I will present an overview of three Power Apps applications during this presentation and discuss the successes and hurdles encountered during development.
Prior to the meeting, if you have time, I encourage you to watch one or more of these existing videos from previous AUG meetings. That way I don’t have to repeat some of the important concepts involved. This is a short list; there are additional materials available.

AL: Access and PowerApps – A Growing Relationship, by Karl Donaubauer – Access Lunchtime
SA: Power Apps & Dataverse, by Juan Soto – Access with SQL Server
Or, if you really have time,
All Power Apps Presentations by AUG chapters

Travel Records

This is the Power Apps app we created during Karl Donaubauer’s 6 hour workshop.
It includes a Bar Code Scanner using a smart phone’s camera.
The data is stored in SharePoint lists.

Personal Health

This is the “smart device” extension to an existing Access/SQL Azure relational database application.

I used this app exclusively last week while on vacation instead of the Windows based Access app. No need to carry a laptop around hunting for a wifi hotspot!

Album Exchange

This newest one is an attempt to see how far I could push the knowledge gaining in the first two efforts. (not very far yet, but farther than I had anticipated.)

Album Exchange goes back to SharePoint lists for data, but incorporates Azure Blob Storage for the image library.

I can’t dive deeply into the technical parts of these apps in a one hour presentation. My goal is to expose you to some “actual working Power Apps” not just demos, and to introduce some of the challenges–and successes– encountered in the early stages of extending relational database applications from Access to “the cloud”.

George Hepworth
Access Pacific AUG