Access Europe – Chris Arnold (Access Studio)

Chris Arnold will be presenting his new and very powerful Access Studio application.

This should be an exciting start for our forthcoming series of monthly presentations.

The meeting was held on Wednesday 4 April at 18:00 (6PM) UK time (currently UTC+1).
This is equivalent to 19:00 (7PM) in Central Europe / CEST (UTC+2) and 10AM in Seattle / PDT (UTC-7)
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Chris is a qualified management accountant who before moving into consultancy in early 2000 was a finance director of a number of large and small companies.

His first introduction to programming (other than some small experience at school) was in the mid 70’s to create a production control program on an Apple IIe using UCSD Pascal.  It had a whole 8k of memory and a pair of 143k floppy disks. This later grew to a full ERP system.

He was one of the first people in the UK to network a number of Apple IIe’s together in a commercial environment using a 40mb Corvus hard drive and with the permission of his employer at the time was invited by Apple to present his experiences (warts and all) to a number of business groups around the country.

After that, although still programming to a certain extent, accountancy became his primary direction of travel until he started a business in the mid 90’s and needed to develop some bespoke solutions to meet the new company’s requirements. It was at this point he discovered Access 97 and has continued to work with it and its successors ever since.

In early 2000, he sold the business and moved into full time contracting/consulting primarily in the arena of resolving conflicts between different corporate systems which resulted in losses to the business. To date he has identified around £1/2 billion of annual savings across many clients.

Chris has been developing in Access since the mid 90’s and is a regular contributor to several Access forums. His clients range across a wide spectrum of industries from national and international companies down to small internet traders.

His current website is Chris is now developing a new website to share some of the code and best practices he has developed over the years.

Access Studio

Being a regular user of SS Management Studio, Chris really wanted similar functionality to manage MS Access applications – quickly switch between applications, formatted SQL, run parts of more complex SQL code, add comments, see results in the same development window to name a few.

The much delayed Monaco SQL editor for Access promised by Microsoft is now due Dec 2022, however it seems that it will only have a small part of the features in Access Studio.

 This session will demonstrate part of the code used to manage the application which will be available as a standalone .ACCDE file in 2 versions: – a free entry level version with limited functionality and a commercial full version with full functionality. A free copy of the full version will be made available to those who attend the presentation.



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