SQL Server with Access

TOPIC: How to upgrade an Access application to use a SQL Server back end

Our meeting this month will be presented by Robert Aaron and Ben Clothier.  In this presentation you will see the bare minimum you need to know to get an Access app running with linked tables on SQL Server, to take advantage of its reliability and security.

You will see all the files you will need, and how to look them up.

We will walk through a simulated installation of SQL Server, the SQL Server Migration Assistant, plus a backup scheduling utility.

We will do an actual upgrade of an application to SQL Server, and you will be told the differences in approaches if you are upgrading a single-database system or if you have a split database.  I will describe several approaches of how you can upgrade a split database.

Robert will also talk about some problems that may arise, and certain things you need to be aware of when doing an upgrade.

We look forward to meeting with you next week, please tell your friends about us.

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