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  • 1. What's New in Microsoft Access, by Ebo Quansah - March 2021

    Ebo Quansah, program manager of the Microsoft Access Team, takes us on an exciting tour of what's in store for Access. "The success of Access is directly proportional to YOUR success with Access," he says, and adds that the Access team listens.

    Ebo has brought freshness to the product, and helped it in ways beyond development; for instance, getting Access more exposure within Microsoft and social platforms

  • 2. Tracing Query Performance with SQL Server Profiler - Feb 2021

    For the most part, using Extended Events is the recommended way to do profiling on your queries and SQL statements, but if you just want to do an ad hoc session on your development server, SQL Server Profiler is easier to use, according to Philipp Steifel.

  • 3. Power Apps & Dataverse - Dec 2020

    Join Juan Soto on a stroll through Power Apps and Dataverse, which gives you capability to collect data on mobile devices.
    Dataverse used to be called CDS (Common Data Service), and before that, CDM (Common Data Model).

  • 4. SQL Server Academy with Access, advanced - Nov 2020

    Join Juan as he shows important information about using a Microsoft Access front-end with a SQL Server back-end to optimize performance when there are many users and security is needed for database applications.

  • 5. SQL Server Academy with Access, intermediate - Oct 2020

    Juan Soto provides tips on how to convert your Access database to SQL Server using SSMA ( SQL Server Migration Assistant )

  • 6. Introduction to SQL Server and Access - Sept 2020

    Stored Procedure, Pass Through Query or ADODB?

  • 7. Using Metadata with Microsoft Access and SQL Server, by Kim Young - May 2020

    In this session we will look at SQL DMV’s and System views to understand what metadata is available to help us document our data repositories. Armed with that knowledge we will see how to build an access application to utilize this metadata to generate code which can be used in classes and/or modules.

  • 8. MVP Summit and COVID Database Solution - April, 2020

    Juan Soto discusses the MVP summit and demo a new COVID database solution we plan on offering the world.

  • 9. New features I would love to see in Access - March, 2020

    Juan Soto discusses the improvements he would like to see in Microsoft Access and the ideas he will be submitting to the Access team during the upcoming Summit in March 2020.

  • 10. Performance Tuning the Database Layer - February, 2020

    This month our presenter is Jacob Golden. Jacob has been a SQL Server DBA since 2002 and has worked in consulting/contracting roles for most of his career. He has expert level experience with SQL Server, Azure SQL Cloud services, and HA/DR planning. He also has a great deal of experience with performance tuning, production troubleshooting, proactive maintenance concepts, T-SQL development and project management.

    Understanding SQL Server performance can feel overwhelming. Is it the CPU, the storage, my code? We will walk through some high level concepts that will give you the tools to get better throughput to your applications.

    • Types of indexes, what they do and why you care
    • How many are too many?
    • Do duplicate index hurt?
    • Operators & Expressions
    • CASE Statements
    • What are stored procedures and why should I use them?
    • What are estimated and actual execution plans? How do I run one? What permissions are needed?
    • Does the version of SQL Server really matter? (Hint: The answer is yes!)

    Access User Group Training file

  • 11. Better way to use SQL Server stored procedures and functions in VBA - January, 2020

    While it is possible to simply concatenate SQL strings in VBA and executing them, maintaining it can become onerous in a large application. Find out how we can write a Object-Relational Mapper generator to create VBA code that provides strong-typing and compiler-validated code for calling stored procedures or functions from VBA, making it easier to handle changes in the code.

    Please be advised that the presenter, Ben Clothier (multiple Access MVP), is deaf. What you will hear is the voice of the interpreter. Thank you for your understanding.

  • 12. Access with SQL Server Academy - Part 3 - December, 2019

    At the final Access with SQL Server academy session we discussed advanced techniques for optimization.
    If you have not had the opportunity to see the first 2 sessions then don’t worry, there is still time to learn some great techniques!

  • 13. Access with SQL Server Academy - part 2 - November, 2019

    Intermediate discussion:
    - Link views back to Access
    - SQL Server Security
    - Configuring SQL Server Surface Exposure
    - SQL Server vs. Domain Security, which one is more secure?
    - Your questions answered during the Q&A with Juan Soto

  • 14. SQL Server's Path Toward an Intelligent Database - October, 2019

    SQL Server 2019 introduces ground-breaking query performance enhancements under the Intelligent Query Processing family.

    These make up the latest on Microsoft’s mission to make critical parallel workloads improve when running at scale, while remaining adaptive to the constantly changing world of data!

    Pedro Lopes is a Program Manager in the Database Systems Group, based in Redmond, WA, USA.

    He has over 19 years of industry experience and has been with Microsoft for over 9 years, where he is currently responsible for Program Management of database engine features for SQL Server and Azure SQL, with special focus on the Relational Engine (Query Processor, Programmability, Performance).

  • 15. Access with SQL Server Academy - part 1 - September, 2019

    Our new season of Access with SQL Server User group meetings started September 10th 2019 and we reran our Access with SQL Server Academy! Join Juan in October and November for Intermediate and Advanced Topics on Access with SQL Server. It's the perfect opportunity to "jump in" based on your current skill level. Sign up today to be on the mailing list:

  • 16. How to secure the data on your Access & SQL Server application - August, 2019

    More and more databases are stored in cloud, on servers that we don’t control or own. People have started asking how they can protect the data at all times. We will discuss about techniques that we can leverage within Access applications connecting to SQL Server/Azure database without leaking sensitive data, and provide a clean separation between those who has access to data and those who has access to the server administration.

    Please be advised that the presenter, Ben Clothier (multiple Access MVP) is deaf. What you will hear is the voice of the interpreter. Thank you for your understanding.

  • 17. Using OASIS-SVN and git for Access source code control - July, 2019

    Wondered how to use git with Access? In this talk with a lots of demonstrations, we will learn how to effectively use git as a source code control and use its capabilities to provide a solid history of changes for easy review and management. We will use OASIS-SVN and TortoiseGit to help make the job easier and talk briefly about how git should be used.

    Please be advised that the presenter, Ben Clothier (multiple Access MVP) is deaf. What you will hear is the voice of the interpreter. Thank you for your understanding.

  • 18. Analyzing Access application performance using ODBC SQL tracing - June, 2019

    We will learn how to troubleshoot slow Access forms / reports with a remote SQL Server backend by using the ODBC SQL to collect the actual queries Access is sending to SQL Server and review those queries to identify the culprit for poor performance. We will also cover some optimization strategies to help improve the responsiveness of the forms.

    Please be advised that the presenter, Ben Clothier (multiple Access MVP) is deaf. What you will hear is the voice of the interpreter. Thank you for your understanding.

  • 19. How to convert Access Database from 32 Bit to 64 Bit - May, 2019

    Susan Pyne, Senior Access Developer at IT Impact Inc, talked us through the steps we need to take to successfully modify our Access VBA code to run in both 64 bit or 32 bit Access. She also covered the benefits of moving to a 64 bit environment.

    AUG 64 Bit Conversion - PDF presentation

  • 20. MVP Summit and the latest news about Access - April, 2019

  • 21. Using ADO asynchronously in Access - March, 2019
  • 22. Encryption of Data in SQL Server - February 2019

  • 23. Access with SQL Server Academy - Part III - January, 2019

  • 24. Access with SQL Server Academy - Part II - December 2018

  • 25. Linked Table Manager with Michal Bar from Microsoft - November, 2018

  • 26. Access with SQL Server Academy - Part I - September, 2018
  • 27. Discussion: How would you improve the Access, IDE? - February, 2018

  • 28. Learn new ways to apply Access to the modern Microsoft ecosystem - October, 2017

  • 29. Form Spawning - Creating copies of forms in memory - April, 2017

  • 30. WORLD EXCLUSIVE with Michal Bar, Microsoft Access Program Manager at Microsoft! - March, 2017

  • 31. Meet the authors of "Effective SQL: 61 Specific Ways to Write Better SQL" - February 2017

  • 32. Introduction to Access with SQL Server - January 2017

  • 33. Where is Access heading? What changes are coming? - December 2016

  • 34. The Evolution and Future of Access (feat. interview with Luke Chung from FMS Software) - October 2016

  • 35. Avoid Number Conflicts With SQL Sequences - September 2016

  • 36. Access and SQL Server FileTable - May 2016

  • 37. Town Hall Meeting - March 2016

  • 38. Access and SQL – Your .NET Internet Data Hub - February 2016

  • 39. Architecture of Access with SQL Server Solutions - January 2016

  • 40. SQL Server with Access & Power BI - December 2015

  • 41. Incorporating Windows Security into Access with SQL Server apps - November 2015

  • 42. Techniques for identifying slow queries and optimizing them - October 2015

  • 43. Stored Procedure, Pass Through Query or ADODB? When do you use either in Access? - September 2015

  • 44. SQL Server Migration Assistant - March 2015

    In March's meeting, presented by Juan Soto Microsoft Access MVP, we tackled how to install SSMA, configured it’s use, how to do an upload to SQL Server and how to leverage SSMA in subsequent migrations.

  • 45. How to upgrade an Access application to use a SQL Server backend - February 2015

  • 46. SQL Server Security - January 2015

  • 47. Power and Simplicity using Tables for Dates and Numbers - December 2014

  • 48. Using SQL Server data sets and stored procedures to create dashboards in Microsoft Access - November 2014

  • 49. Working with XML data efficiently - October 2014

    Ben Clothier, Access MVP and co-founder of the, presented the meeting discussing working with XML data with an SQL Server backend.

  • 50. Using Stored Procedures in Access - September 2014

  • 51. Introduction to Full-Text Searching in SQL Server 2012 - July 2014

  • 52. Synchronizing SQL Server Databases Across Continents - May 2014