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  • 1. Navigating Forms using WithEvents, Up Down, by Mike Wolfe with George Hepworth - May 2021

    Did you ever wish you could use the up and down arrow keys to navigate your continuous forms the way you navigate an Excel spreadsheet? In Access, pressing the down arrow key moves you to the next control instead of the next row. You can capture those key presses and override them using the Key Down event, but that’s a lot of work. What if you could do all that work once and call it whenever you wanted with only *two lines of code*? Through the miracle of encapsulation, class modules, and the WithEvents keyword, Mike Wolfe shows us how to to implement arrow key navigation.

    Mike Wolfe is owner and principal developer at Grandjean & Braverman, Inc, and also writes the NoLongerSet Blog.

    If you're a beginner, Mike goes through every step so you can understand what's happening. Seasoned developers will appreciate the brilliance of his coding, and techniques to get there.

    Mike shows results of each step. Once we see what's involved to implement this for a single control, Mike shows us how to use a class module to easily add this behavior to any form.

  • 2. Inaugural Meeting with George Hepworth +Juan Soto -goals, philosophy, demo, VBA - Apr 2021

    In this inaugural meeting for Access Pacific, Juan Soto, Co-Founder of, introduces Access Pacific chapter president, George Hepworth, former MS Access MVP and an administrator at

    George discusses goals and plans for the group, and explains his philosophy regarding relational database applications with Access. George has built several applications but most have proprietary data that he can't show. He demonstrates a database project he developed in Microsoft Access with a SQL Server back-end so it's accessible to everyone to keep track of birthdays, pictures, and other family information, and goes into some VBA code too.