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  • 1. Access and PowerApps - A Growing Relationship - Jan 2021

    Compare the strengths of Access and Power Apps -- and see how they compliment each other. A Hybrid application uses the same back end data for both the rich desktop client and the light mobile client.

    Access and PowerApps - A Growing Relationship
    by Karl Donaubauer ( )
    short presentation by Juan Soto ( )
    26 Jan 2021

    In a hybrid application, Access handles the heavy lifting. Mobile clients use Power Apps to look at and modify some of the data. Both applications are linked to the same tables. Karl demonstrates an application that uses SharePoint for the common tables. He also discusses other back-ends like SQL Azure and Dataverse, which is native to PowerApps so using it has good performance, but Access doesn't yet have a connector to it yet; that is planned for June. Dataverse also has a rich security model.

    Data Gateway software can be used to link local data sources like on-premises SQL Server, which adds another layer to the data path.

    Dataverse (formerly called CDS -- Common Data Service) is a repository for data that can be consumed by Power Apps.

  • 2. Tips and Shortcuts for the Beginning Access Developer, Part 1 - Dec 2020

    Join Crystal and Maria as they go through a fast-paced tips and shortcuts presentation for beginning Access developers. Even if you've built with Access for a long time, you'll probably pick up something useful. Special thanks to the experts who were connected and shared valuable comments.

    Overview of Tables, Queries, Forms, and Reports. Then, more in-depth with different ways to create tables and paste data in from other places. Relationships and Indexes. Shortcuts to navigate, edit, launch features like the Zoom box or Spell Checker, do Window things, enter data, and more. Properties and some settings for options. Creating queries. Please let us know in the comments what you liked the best! and anything you'd like to see in Part 2 -- thank you 🙂
    and your questions about anything we covered if something wasn't clear.

  • 3. Access versus Power Apps - Nov 2020

    Learn Power Apps to extend and modernize your toolset, says Karl Donabauer, as he presents an excellent session on building a hybrid application with Access and Power Apps, and shares information about Dataverse. Karl shows you what's possible and shares valuable links to resources. This session is worth watching for anyone who develops with Access. There are millions of Access applications and a huge market for hybrid capabilities that can also accommodate mobile users.

    Dataverse (formerly called CDS -- Common Data Service) is a repository for data that can be consumed by Power Apps.

  • 4. vbWatchdog Error handler for VBA from - Oct 2020

    Join Peter as he provides an introduction to the vbWatchdog error handler from

    If you are new to Error trapping, you will be pleased to find out how simple it is to implement. If you're an experienced developer, you will appreciate the enormous potential that vbWatchdog brings to create a sophisticated error handling system.

    Dataverse (formerly called CDS -- Common Data Service) is a repository for data that can be consumed by Power Apps.

  • 5. The Access Shortcut Tool - Sept 2020

    A shortcut menu is part of the CommandBars collection. Shortcut menus are context-sensitive and pop up when you right-click the mouse. They can be difficult to create without additional tools. Built-in commandbars don't display in a Runtime application, but commandbars that you develop do display.

    link to PDF about shortcut Tool by Dale:

  • 6. Making and Using Access Add-Ins - August 2020

    Crystal (strive4peace) discusses add-ins that can be downloaded freely with source code, and shows you how to make your own add-in.

  • 7. Multiple Sub forms in Microsoft Access with the Same Source Object - April 2020

    One way to approach a form that shows the same type of information but different values a lot of times, such as a calendar with various appointments each day of the month is to create multiple subforms that use the same source object. By doing this, you can cut out redundant code and make updating a breeze. Building controls for subforms with a different size is quick with VBA. Learn about the benefits and disadvantages of this approach.

  • 8. What's new in Access - March 2020

    This month’s meeting, presented by Maria Barnes, she will cover some brand new capabilities available for Queries and Relationships as well as a few other recent additions.

  • 9. Designing apps for a task-driven approach - February, 2020

    This month’s meeting, presented by Tom van Stiphout, Software Development Manager of Kinetik IT, is on Designing apps for a task-driven approach. Learn how to deliver a user-friendly business application by focusing on a task-driven approach, which forces us to think differently and build solutions that are easier to learn and easier to use.

  • 10. Themes in Access - January, 2020

    This month's meeting, presented by Peter Cole, director of Theme My Database, is on Themes in Access. Learn the in's and out's of themes and hear about a tool to convert your non-themed application to one that uses themes.

  • 11. Introduction to VBA - December, 2019

    Introduction to Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Access, learn how to get started coding or modifying code.

  • 12. Dashboards in Access - October, 2019

    Learn the ins and outs of how to effectively use dashboards in your applications!

  • 13. Meet the new Access Program Manager, Ebo Quansah - September, 2019

    Ebo Quansah told us all a little bit about himself and took your questions and answered them.

  • 14. Access and SharePoint - August, 2019

    The meeting was on Access & SharePoint and presented by Robin Hunt, founder & partner of ThinkData Solutions, Inc. Robin teaches Excel, Databases, & SharePoint.

  • 15. Understanding the Microsoft Access Report Engine - Advanced Techniques - May, 2019

  • 16. Linked Table Manager for Access and SQL Server - April, 2019

  • 17. Importing into & Exporting from Access via the UI, Macros, and VBA - March, 2019

  • 18. Q & A Session - February, 2019

  • 19. Microsoft Access Multi-valued fields - January, 2019

  • 20. Remote Backend Databases - November 2018

  • 21. Modern Charts - October, 2018

  • 22. New & Improved Linked Table Manager - September, 2018

  • 23. Access on the Web in 2018 - May, 2018

  • 24. Reporting Techniques - April, 2018

  • 25. Queries - Join types, Query types, Using the Query ribbon effectively - March, 2018

  • 26. Securing Your Access Application - February, 2018

  • 27. Interpreting the .lacdb (locking) file - November, 2017

  • 28. Debugging Techniques in Microsoft Access - October 2017

  • 29. Integrating Access with Power BI - September, 2017

  • 30. Differences between Office 2010, 2013 & 2016 - May, 2017

  • 31. Using SharePoint Lists - April, 2017

  • 32. Q&A Session - Questions from the group - March, 2017

  • 33. SQL Server Migration Assistant - February 2017

  • 34. How to upgrade an Access application to use a SQL Server backend - January, 2017

  • 35. VBA: Functions built in and those you build, how to use them - November 2016

  • 36. "Access.NET" - Using Access to generate and drive an ASP.NET SQL web site ... and more! - October 2016

  • 37. Ribbons in Microsoft Access - September 2016

  • 38. Reporting tips and techniques - May 2016

  • 39. Automating Excel from Access - April 2016

  • 40. Using SQL Stored Procedures in Access - March 2016

  • 41. Empowering Access Forms with Code - February 2016

  • 42. Split Forms - January 2016

  • 43. How to link to a web app from SQL Server and extend the SQL side - November 2015

  • 44. Converting a back end desktop database to a web app - October 2015

  • 45. Introductory Meeting - September 2015