Access Lunchtime – Remote Backend Databases

Come join us on the last Tuesday of every month @ 12 noon CDT.  Maria Barnes will be your host and we will cover lots of interesting topics related to Microsoft AEventsccess.  This is a free webinar for 1 hour, we look forward to meeting you!

This month’s presenter is Jack Leach, the founder and CEO of Dymeng Services, a software development company working with Line of Business and B2B SaaS solutions. He routinely works with Access, SQL Server and ASP.NET MVC delivering solutions, utilizing both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services as typical infrastructures.
An Access MVP 2012-2016, Jack has also written numerous technical articles and whitepapers.


Using a remote backend database for distributed Access projects can be a very powerful setup, allowing you to provide Access applications that can be used from almost anywhere. However, working with such a setup can be a difficult task when it comes to performance. Whether it’s SQL Server, SQL Azure, MySQL or any other relational database in the cloud, the core concepts are the same.
This presentation will cover the topic in detail, from the two core bottlenecks and how to mitigate them, insights on how to classify and organize your data to best optimize your application operations, as well as numerous tips, tricks and tools to help you build high performance Access applications.

•  Understanding how Wide Area Networks and ODBC drivers work in the context of your data requests
•  How to predict a 200 millisecond query vs a 200 minute query
•  Understanding your application’s data and how to best deal with the common patterns
•  Working with data caches and temporary data
•  Analyzing your remote data request performance
•  Tips and tricks for how to squeeze performance down to the last drop

We meet every last Tuesday of the month at 12 noon CDT.

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