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  • 1. Access Layout Grid - April 2020

    Microsoft introduced the layout grid in Access 2007, but without any real promotion from Microsoft it did not get the attention it deserved, and until Access 2010, there couldn't be any empty cells. So come learn what the grid can do for you.

  • 2. Integrating Google Maps with Access using .NET - March 2020

    Get distance between addresses. Uses VB.NET for flexibility and extensibility to make it easy to incorporate across multiple platforms like Microsoft Access.

  • 3. Using IIF() and Tempvars in Cascading Combo boxes - February 2020

    February’s meeting was presented by George Hepworth, of Grover Park Consulting. George is an author and long time Access MVP.

  • 4. Calendar Maker - January, 2020

    presented by Crystal Long
    17 January 2020
    ET meeting
    hosted by Dale Fye

    Draw monthly calendars with Microsoft Access using a report and VBA. To make it easy, there is a menu form, but you don't need it to make calendars. There can be a big calendar on a page with one month, or multiple calendars per page showing however many months you want to see.

    To draw a calendar on any report, anywhere, whatever size you want, call the CalendarMaker sub, which has parameters for the report object, xy coordinates, width, and height. The report object doesn't need any controls for the calendar, it just needs a page to act as a canvas to draw on. To address any coordinate on the page, the code should be in the Report_Page event.

    When each calendar is drawn, the language used for month and day names is controlled by your Windows region settings. Start weeks with any day, like Sunday, Monday, or whatever you like. Show information on days using queries that you design from your database.

  • 5. Goodbye, memory errors! - December, 2019

    This month’s presenter is Karl Donaubauer, long time Access MVP and organizer of several annual Access conferences in Europe, including an English language version in Vienna, Austria (25/26 Apr 2020).

  • 6. VBA Code Quality - November, 2019

  • 7. Data replication with Access (part 1) - September, 2019

  • 8. Denormalizing Data - March, 2019

  • 9. How to add shortcut (right-click) menus to Access applications - February, 2019
  • 10. Demonstration on using Power BI with MS Access - December, 2018

  • 11. Open Discussion - May, 2018

  • 12. Reports - December, 2017

  • 13. ListBox Selection - November, 2017