Access ET

EventsWe meet on the 3rd Friday of the month, from 9:00 am – 10:00 am ET

Presentor: Colin Riddington (isladogs)
Topic: Controlling the Application Interface

Controlling the Application Interface presented by Colin Riddington, Mendip Data Systems.


This session will show how the Access application interface can be controlled in various ways including:

  1. show / hide navigation pane
  2. show / hide ribbon (& QAT)
  3. show / hide taskbar
  4. dim/blur/remove background
  5. show / hide entire Access application window
  6. maximise form to fill the entire screen (no title bar & no taskbar)
  7. drag a borderless form to a new position
  8. add rounded corners to forms
  9. form animation, transparency and fade (in/out)
  10. open reports with the application interface hidden (various methods)
  11. scrolling/flashing text
  12. add balloon tooltips (system tray notifications)

Some methods can help make a database more secure.

Although it is highly unlikely that any single application would ever need to use all those features, the session will show how each item can be toggled on / off independently without problems.

All required code will be provided together with an example application demonstrating its use.

See Control Application Interface – Mendip Data Systems (
See Attention Seek – Mendip Data Systems (

Video of this session can be found here.