AWA Hosting Is Still Available–Just Not on Office 365!!


In our November meeting, we’ll  hear from  MetaMicro,  a European-based company, that provides an alternative hosting solution for Access Web Apps Please join Rob Koelmans who will be one of the speakers at this meeting. 


Tonight’s presentation will cover the following topics, as time permits.

1. Creating dozens of different REST/WebApi2-services really fast using Swagger and AWA-datamacros to create resultsets/response messages (also to return JSON nested tables that go directly in PowerApp collections).
2. Using Webservices from within AWA by requesting a webservice to retrieve a request xml-message from its table to perform an action upon its database.
3. Nested collections versus relational tables in PowerApps (Group/Ungroup functions).
4. Unleash your old Access Desktop Applications completely from with AWA, PowerApps and Flow by ASP .Net, PowerShell and non-interactive Remote Desktop (to limit user rights; impersonation doesn’t do the job).
5. Intelligent Forms Designer built in PowerApps. (being a webservice client but also saving documents like Word en Excel do.
6. TimeWriting PowerApp as AWA-database client through WebApi2
7. Chat-application built in PowerApps with push-notification, integration with ASP .Net Chat service using Signal-R.
8. Process any XML-message or schema in AWA. AWA-databases communicating with each other in XML as participants in ASP .Net Chat service.



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