Access Web Apps

Access developer Octavio Ortega, will introduce ScriptCase – a tool he uses in his practice to create mobile apps.

 His presentation will include:


  • A Brief description of the ScriptCase development environment.
  • Demonstrating how to create a Form and a Grid
  • Demonstrating how to link a Form to a Grid
  • Creating a main Menu
  • A basic coding sample
  • An explanation of deployment and Security if time permits.

As we search for alternatives for our soon-to-be-retired AWAs, we’re pleased to have Octavio Ortega, a professional developer who has deployed a number of web apps with ScriptCase for his clients,  present this alternative for your consideration.

Octavio is a Computer Software engineer, graduated from the Institute of Technology in Baja, Mexico. He has several years of experience developing MS Access applications and Web Apps for clients in the US.

He enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Everyone is invited! Bring your Access Web Apps questions and tips.


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