From AWA to MVC in 20 minutes


As we evaluate options for replacing Access Web Apps going forward, we should seriously consider Microsoft’s web development platform, ASP.NET.  While ASP.NET has a bit of an initial learning curve for Access developers, it has a number of very important advantages over other options.  In this talk, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of ASP.NET as an Access-on-the-Web solution, explain the high-level ASP.NET architecture, and do a live conversion of an AWA to a mobile-friendly ASP.NET MVC web app (in less than 20 minutes!).

George Young is the President of the Denver Area Access Users Group (  George has a quarter-century of software development experience, including half of that time at Microsoft in Redmond, where he was a Senior Software Engineer and also an MSDN columnist.  George lives in Colorado, where he is an independent consultant (Dawson Butte Software) doing primarily .NET development projects (many with Access somewhere in the picture).


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