AWA – Database Performance utilizing a Remote Backend

EventsJack Leach will be presenting on the techniques he uses to optimize Access/SQL Azure hybrid applications.

In this presentation, we’ll discuss the topic of obtaining reasonable performance in an Access application when connecting to a remote database server such as a SQL Datatabase on Azure.  We will look at the internal bottlenecks to be aware of, discuss techniques to best coordinate communication between the application and database, and will learn how to view our different types of data in ways that helps classify it into categories in which we can apply these various performance techniques.


Jack D. Leach is the founder and CEO of Dymeng Services, a NYC based software development company working with Line of Business and B2B SaaS solutions primarily using Microsoft technologies. Jack routinely works with Microsoft Access, SQL Server and ASP.NET MVC delivering software solutions, utilizing both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services as typical infrastructures.


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