The Virtual Access Users Groups were started by Juan Soto, owner of IT Impact in Chicago, IL.  Juan is also a Microsoft Access MVP and has spoken at many Access & SQL conferences across the U.S.

Juan recognized that there are different segments of Access users and developers.  They are not just state-by-state (or country), but could be by language or particular interest, like the Access Functions group, or our group, Access Web Apps.  He also recognized that there are global Access users and not everyone can attend meetings in person.  So, creating “virtual” groups which meet online is a great way to get like-minded people together.
The Access Web Apps group is a free users group dedicated to helping people learn about Access Web Apps and share ideas and .app sample files with each other.  We’re primarily focused on Access 2013, although we recognize there are many Access 2010 web app users as well.

Please join our group and get the word out to other Access users you know.  We will have monthly webinars starting June, 2014, each featuring an intro to web apps, a feature demonstration and time for Questions and Answers.

Please complete our contact form to get in touch with me with any questions, suggestions or concerns.


Andy Tabisz, Access Web Apps Chapter President

(owner, WorkSmart Database Masters)