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We have reached 100 videos in less than two years since we started this organization!

100th video on AUGOur objective is the same today as it was then: bring together groups of people who wish to learn more about Access or share their knowledge with others. Before I started this organization, I would travel the USA speaking at user groups and SQLSaturdays.com events, but there was no formal organization to bring users together online, it has been a labor of love to organize, find volunteers and topics month after month to bring together people from around the globe.

We are still growing and would love to start new chapters!

We don’t have any groups beyond English and Spanish, if you’re interested in starting a group, please reach out and let us know.

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We are constantly looking for great speakers at our groups, if you’re interested in speaking at one of our groups please reach out to any of our chapters, we LOVE new speakers!

Juan Soto
Co-Founder, AccessUserGroups.org


AWA Hosting Is Still Available–Just Not on Office 365!!

In our November 21st meeting, we’ll  hear from MetaMicro, a European-based company that provides an alternative hosting solution for Access Web Apps.

MetaMicro was founded in 1982 (converting brother daisy wheel typewriters to Centronics interfaced letter quality printers). Later, we assembled servers and desktops and provided office-network management to small and mediums sized organizations. Along with that, we always developed software mostly in conjunction with MS-Office, MS-Exchange, Active Directory both automating systems management (desktop and application deployment) and document productivity. Since 2012, we specialized in Access Web Apps and – since 2016 – in PowerApps and Flow. Now integrating PowerBI. Since 2006 we also provided hosting services.

This year hosting services have been extended by hosting AWA’s to organizations and developers with full Access Desktop and PowerApp integration support to go along with that.

Tonight’s presentation will cover the following topics, as time permits.

1. Creating dozens of different REST/WebApi2-services in just really fast using Swagger and AWA-datamacros to create resultsets/response messages (also to return JSON nested tables that go directly in PowerApp collections).
2. Using Webservices from within AWA by requesting a webservice to retrieve a request xml-message from its table to perform an action upon its database.
3. Nested collections versus relational tables in PowerApps (Group/Ungroup functions).
4. Unleash your old Access Desktop Applications completely from with AWA, PowerApps and Flow by ASP .Net, PowerShell and non-interactive Remote Desktop (to limit user rights; impersonation doesn’t do the job).
5. Intelligent Forms Designer built in PowerApps. (being a webservice client but also saving documents like Word en Excel do.
6. TimeWriting PowerApp as AWA-database client through WebApi2
7. Chat-applicaton built in PowerApps with push-notification, integration with ASP .Net Chat service using Signal-R.
8. Process any XML-message or schema in AWA. AWA-databases communicating with each other in XML as participants in ASP .Net Chat service.

Join us on November 21st, 2017 at 7:00PM ET (US), for this session.


Everyone is invited! Bring your Access Web Apps questions and tips.

The Access Web Apps (free, international, virtual) User Group is for 3 types of Access users: Newcomers, Knowledge Experts and Developers.

1) Newcomers to Access Web Apps: Our goal is to provide an introduction to what this technology is all about and teach some basics on how to get started.

2) Knowledge Experts:  Our goal is to help you learn functionality to achieve more with your apps as well as provide a place to get your questions answered.

3) Developers:  Our goal is to help you learn advanced techniques, teach others how to use this technology and share ideas and .app examples with the group.
We meet via Webex on the 3rd Tuesday of every month  from 7:00 pm ET – 8:30 pm ET. Put it on your calendar!

Every month’s webinar includes a 5-min welcome message, 15-minute introduction to web apps, feature presentation and time for Q&A’s at the end.  We’re looking for topics suggestions as well as presenters.

To register for event updates and blog posts, complete the contact form.  We promise your email will never be sold or given to any 3rd party.

Please tell other Access users about our group!

George Hepworth, Chapter President
(Grover Park Consulting)

Here’s our latest meeting’s recording, please join us next time!